Hidden Italy: Calabria

Calabria is one of the less visited and known regions in Italy, both from foreign tourists as well as from Italians from the rest of Italy. Yet, our direct experience tells us that once visited, Calabria gets into visitors’ hearts who would never like to leave.

Few regions in Italy can actually boast such a varied cultural legacy: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Spanish, Bourbons, not to mention the continuous barbarian and saracen invasions.

Each of these peoples has left its own mark, more or less evident, even though, even today, the Greek and Byzantine influence is the prevailing one(just think of the Greek-speaking community still present in the province of Reggio Calabria).

As a matter of fact, the Calabrian tourist offer reveals itself, to the more observant tourist, as one of the richest: Magna Graecia and Byzantine Itineraries, residues of the Roman domination, Norman, Swabian, Aragonese castles and fortresses, restored over the centuries, not to mention the museums and the Calabrian territory, literally crammed with treasures and riches of the past, still waiting to be discovered and estimated.

But if that were not enough, Calabria is not just culture and art, in fact, thanks to its mild, almost Caribbean climate, its almost entirely mountainous territory, yet completely surrounded by about 800 km of pristine beaches, it can meet any kind of leisure time requirements, both in winter as well as in summertime: mountain sports, excursions, water sports and any type of ludic activity you may want to practice.

Finally, the 5 provinces of Calabria, without distinction, offer visitors their best homemade cuisine, still based on ancient recipes and genuine dishes which always satisfy even the most demanding. This is the Calabria we love and we have been promoting for the last 15 years now, a Calabria we really would like to share with you…….WELCOME TO CALABRIA!


Pasquale Pacicca 


Why hire a Private Tour Guide?

When booking a vacation it is often hard to plan all the elements of your itinerary without knowledge of the local area, especially in terms of the attractions to include. This is why a private tour guide can be especially important as the knowledge possessed by your own private tour guide can be invaluable. Having a guide that can tour the sites with you will add to your vacation experience immensely and ensure you have the best time possible.


The first reason to consider a private tour guide has simply to do with geography. If travelling to somewhere like London where it is easy to become disorientated and subsequently lost, it can be vital to have a tour guide that will ensure you get to the places you actually want to see. Once again local knowledge is a resource that can only be obtained by the employment of a tour guide, if you do not want to spend your whole time with your head buried in a map and instead want to see the sites around you, a guide is highly advisable.


If time is a restraint on your vacation; for instance if you only have limited time in a city before you move on, a private tour guide is extremely useful. Not only will they be able to prevent you getting lost but they will also get you to the sites in the most efficient way and ensure you see everything on your itinerary before you leave.

The benefit of a private tour guide is that you can consult with them and plan an itinerary that will allow you to get the best from your vacation. Making a detailed plan of what you would like to see and information of the time restraints placed upon you will mean that you will be able to make it to all the attractions without the stress of planning it yourself. This customization is a brilliant way to tour any city or region, it cannot be emphasised enough how important local knowledge can be.


If you find a good private tour guide, the experience can be wholly rewarding. There is only so much that you can get from a guide book and having someone with you who can explain and educate you on the various sites on your itinerary is priceless. The kind of insights you will receive on tourist attractions will ensure you leave your destination with a unique perspective and greater education on the subject matter.


It is not just in cities where private tour guides can be worthwhile, for instance the wine making regions of France could be considered the perfect place for a tour. Local knowledge of which vineyards to visit will ensure your vacation is full of only the finest wines. For a connoisseur this is an important aspect of a wine sampling trip and without a good tour guide you may find yourself sampling substandard tipple. There are even guides who specialise in this type of vacation.


For a unique vacation experience a private tour is definitely the way to go, for those who love the sense of adventure however they may want to go it alone. Ultimately the choice is yours and you know the kind of holiday you love, this is your ‘off time’ so getting the most from it, is vital.